Exhibited in Australia

I entered the images below in two separate competitions on Gurushots and they both received enough votes to be featured in exhibitions in Melbourne Australia in 2020.

“Powerful Composition” – the image shows St. Paul’s Cathedral in London as seen from the South Bank and the “Millenium Bridge”


“Solo-Single Subject” – the image shows the lighhouse in Porto; after a stormy morning out on the ocean.


Both images will be digitally exhibited in Melbourne; Autralia from the 17-19 January 2020.

I know as a country they are fighting to keep the wild fires under control and many people have been displaced as well as animals. Of course at such difficult times; running an exhibition is a tough job to say the least. Wishing everyone a safe event; if it goes ahead; my heart goes out to the people of Australia and hope the fires can be estinguished soon. When people globally hurt; we all hurt. Look after yourself and the local wild life; we all need each other in these tough times.

The images; if exhibition goes ahead; will be taking place at the Laurent Gallery from the 17-19 January 2020. For details see the Facebook Event .

These images can be bought from my Redbubble page as well. Gabriella Szekely Photography

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