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The sun rise outside the Sphinx, this is what you are actually seeing in this picture. Just behind me there were 2000 people all gathered around the Sphinx, awaiting the sun rise, and saying good bye to the age of Pisces and welcoming the age of Aquarius.

When I saw this image the other day, my brain instantly considered how the person looked like he was almost photographing the future still looking back to the past.

This past week with my clients I found them that they keep going back to the past, instead of focusing of where they want to be they keep looking back crying to get back what they have lost. And I have to admit that my cells also appear to be going back or being stuck in the past. How do I know that? And this took me a while to realize. I know they were stuck in the past because of the overwhelming disillusion, sadness and general state of unease that I was feeling in the past week or so. And as I was reflecting on things the other day, the realization came, that actually what my body was experiencing was a link to the past where I had to find my way again. I realized that instead of mourning the loss on the day that a specific anniversary was , stopping and honoring that day, that moment, that memory, instead I carried on as if nothing happened and busied myself and my brain in the effort of perhaps forgetting. Well, my friends, you may want to consciously forget something, but the body knows, the body always knows.

And whilst I was able to reflect on what was not OK in my body, or actually what my body was trying to remind me, my clients continue dwelling on the past and staying in the past. For me, the moment I acknowledged what I was meant to have honored, I could feel the fog lifting, I could sense how the body and the brain released that which needed releasing.

And of course, as I mentioned in one of my last year’s posts, the future can only happen with a past, we have to sow the seed in the past, so that the future can happen. And in order for a future to take place, honoring the here and now and being present is important.

If we continue dwelling in the past, and only focus on the past, but we do not acknowledge what is happening today, then our cells will continue to live in the past without allowing us to appreciate what is in front of us, and we are unable to gain hope for the future.

So, where are you focusing your attention? Are you in selfie mode constantly taking a snapshot of you in the past, or do you turn the camera to explore the future?

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