Black cats – the most rejected cats in the universe, or so it appears.

According to urban legend, the reason so many abandoned black cats exist is because they are not photogenic enough, basically they are too dark for an Instagramable picture. Really? Have we become such shallow humans, that a beautiful creature is rejected because it does not photograph well?I I really should not be that surprised of our human nature, how many creatures on this planet are rejected on a daily basis because they do not fit the criteria of someone else’s beauty standards?!

In times long gone, (I hope), black cats were also a mark of a witch. Of course, back then, if you had such a cat, you were ready for the fire. Again, because the narrow minded view of a few individuals, a cat, who has no choice in it’s fur colour, and then a female with no fault of her own, were both punished. Back then we were super evolved. Not.

And then of course there are those superstitions, that, black cats bring bad luck. Of course if a black cat cut you off on the street, you had to take three steps back, twirl around I don’t know how many times, spit a few times, then say some random thing. So the curse of the black cat does not stick. I guess, depending on the region of Earth you are from, what variation on the same theme you find.

And, if we go back long enough in time, we notice that felines were revered for their power to ward off dark spirits, or being able to see spirits in general.

I find it interesting, how human beings find different things or beings to reject, depending on the collective crazy think that is going on at that time.

What things or people or creatures have you rejected, because someone told you to? Who did you dismiss because some flaw, no matter how small, you have noticed in them? How often do you reject yourself, because you notice that you do not correspond to the latest crazy trend? Do you accept yourself for who you are? Do you accept people, creatures, things without judgement? Are you capable of loving unconditionally?

After all, we are all just black cats amid the myriad of black cats roaming around on a dark planet seeking the light.

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