Hey guys…any users from the EU (European union) that are following me?

The general data protection regulation is coming online on the 25th May 2018. Have you seen the headlines? Have you read the GDPR compliant policies on all of the websites that you are using? Have you retained all that information? Do you know your rights? And do you know your responsibility?

I found this site very useful:

Have a read; you may learn some new things; you never knew you needed to know.

Suffice to say – you are now the one who can control what others hold on you; information that is. If you want to be forgot; well… you can do just that. You need to be able to access your data at your request; and if you feel that a company mishandled your data you can get in touch with their local governmental body for data protection and they will check things out for you.

Privacy has just become more important!

So…if you are outside the EU and you sell or interact with a client from the EU i suggest you also brush up on GDPR….yes…we all need to become more aware; and brush up on the legal jargon/lingo.

I know…I am trying…are you?!

No more …”hi…have you had an accident in the last 3 years?! I believed you had PPI at some point…to the home owner..” kind of interactions….are you psyched that they should be stopping?! I am! I unsubscribed from a lot of the junk mail i used to get. Thank you automated emails checking if i still wanted their service now that GDPR is kicking in.

An informed user is a safer user! Check those privacy settings! Adjust them to your liking! And if you don’t like those pesky telephone calls/ emails/letters – you can make them stop! By press of a button; or a call

Have a spam free life!


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