How crafty are you?!

If you are an native English speaker, I mean how skilled are you at craft :) Yes, I know…bad jokes…I’m famous for them.

Moving on… :)

I was thinking maybe we could try out a survey to find out how creative are you.

Yeah, I know…surveys OMG … not another one?! Well, you do not have to if you do not want to, but if you do and you have some time, basically I have a bunch of questions that will show me how creative my followers are, and how easy is it for them to be strictly creative in only one aspect.

I personally find it super hard to only stick to one thing; as you can see by my posts :) and I am always trying to do something new.

So…if you want to take part in our little fact finding mission…this is the link to the survey (hope it works). I am not harvesting any personal data, I am not interested in your old pet name or even in your shoe size, I am interested in figuring out how creative we all are as a collective.

The link will open in a new page and has a total of 6 questions, it will run until about December time, and then will publish the graphs or pie charts that this little questionnaire will generate :)

The link is below:

How crafty are you?!

Thank you for taking part.

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