Inspirational meetings

Sometimes we come across the most amazing opportunities, and if we truly give it a go we can find ourselves surrounded by the most amazing people.

Today I took part in an event organised by the Guardian for “Business Made Simple”.

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We had the chance to hear from the regional manager from Vodafone – telling us how they made their brand more successful.

Also heard from Darron Anley – founder of Siren Craft Brew; and his story of success. It was inspiring to hear his ethics; his vision; his passion for his own work; and the importance to keep true to your vision of what your brand should be.

We had a masterclass in infographics and data visualizations from Laurah Knight; and learned the importance of colour; of the number 5 when it comes to pie charts; and how it is so important to keep your audience in mind when creating visual things.

A lot of useful courses available on The guardian masterclasses

It was an all inspiring evening; meeting new people; hearing their budding business ideas. Super inspired on how to drive my own business forward.

My jewelery shop on Etsy and Folksy and of course my photography business on Redbubble.

I took away a few ideas on how to move forward; and I realised that when asked the question what is the biggest hurdle in the way of success…I know what gets in my way. Sometimes a 10 minute conversation is worth more.

I also met more enterprising men and women from across the business sector; and had the opportunity to share my knowledge; my experience and accepted their own suggestions. It was all about solution focused approach.

What a privilege to be able to join in with the conversation.

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