Jacob’s Veg photo selected for exhibition

Sometimes emails can bring amazing news…One such email came into my “Junk” box of all places with the title:” Congratulations!” – you gotta love spam filters.

“Hi Gabi,
Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased as part of the “Your Exhibition Shots” exhibition at the New Moment Gallery, located at the heart of Belgrade, Slovenia. You can find GuruShots’ event for more details here. Feel free to share on Facebook and invite your friends or simply brag about your achievement :)  It will be great seeing you on Thursday, February 7th, at 18:00 for a festive opening night! ”

Naturally a WOOP WOOP went off in my head after my limbic system was able to let the excited emotion filter through after the annoyance at the spam filters.

Anywhooo…I am soooo psyched that my image will be exhibited. It was one of the goals for this year enter challanges at http://www.gurushots.com and get exhibited. My image received 1992 votes and made it!

You can check out the Exhibition details on the event featured on Facebook – “Your Exhibition Shots” – Belgrade, Serbia.Road to Santiago.jpg

If you wish you can own a copy of this image via my Rebubble page.

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