Lighthouse in storm – exhibited in Ljubliana, Slovenia

The image below is still the lighthouse at the mouth of the Douro river in Porto, Portugal. The photo was taken from a different angle and shows how human beings find it difficult to stay away from danger. The whole pier was codroned off in the hopes that spectators would stay away from the dangers of the water. The yellow tape however could not keep them away. You can just about make out one person under the spray of water to the left of the image. He decided that danger is his first name and braved the waves. Yes, he made it out safe and sound; albeit a bit wet.

I entered this image in the “Monochrome” challange on Gurushots and was selected to be exhibited digitally in ljubliana, Slovenia from the 10th -12th May 2019.

New moment – ljubliana (event on FB – gives details of the exhibition)


Image available to order as prints and aparell on – Redbubbale – Gabriella Szekely Photography

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