Sure thing you all heard of the word “manifesting”, right?! Well, I hope you did. But I actually wonder if you ever considered that you are a master manifester?

I have to admit I am a skeptic in most things and one of the skepticism, or perhaps one of the beliefs I hold is that you have to work hard for what you have, it does not come to you instantly. Well, in my culture we have a saying (word for word translation) “waiting for a roasted chicken to fly in your mouth”, means waiting for something to magically happen, meaning you are not really trying. The other thing I kept hearing growing up, and I still hear, is that you do have to earn your living, you can not just hope that something shows up in your world, that hard work is the only way to get what you want.

My parents grew up during a very harsh time in history, then more hardship came their way, and had to always produce things through the sweat of their brows, therefore to them hard work is the only way something will “manifest”. And I guess this is a very old way of thinking because, today, wherever you turn, you hear people say, think it and it will manifest, “if you really want it, and you are the vibration of, it will show up in your world.”

Which one do you believe it’s true? You have to work hard for things, using physical force? Or do you believe that you can think it, and it will show up in your world?

Why am I bringing up this theme? Well, in March of this year, I visited Stonehenge, as you can see in the picture, and I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to visit the stone and be inside the circle?!” and I looked on the website and saw the cost (which I can afford) but it is a bit tricky because of timings and travel, etc. So, I dropped my wish half way. I did the research, I put the wish out into the ether ….and….dropped the intention. Like most of us do. I just asked for something, and then dropped it believing it is impossible. Fast forward to today, and ….. the week-end of the 16th July, I visited the stone circle. Not only did I visit the circle, I had the chance to meditate and connect with the stones, walk among them, and had the privilege of being a beautiful sunny day, with the Moon high in the sky, and be with a group of incredible humans. We did a cocoa ceremony on the site, walked through the dolomite and sat in the inner circle. It is only after the fact, that I realized that I have put this in motion months ago. i completely forgot I have set the intention of wanting visit the site perhaps in the summer.

Sometimes we set ourselves an intention, or we have a belief, or we pick up someone else’s belief, and we limit our own possibilities. Due to our upbringing, more often then not, we create a construct in our head that limits who we can/are/want to be. We create lack because we do not think we are worthy, we forget that we manifest things. We forget that we are manifesting machines. We think it, it happens, we believe it, it happens even more.

So why do you not create more of what you want? Why do you not tune into what you prefer? What believe do you hold that manifests that which you do not prefer? What are the limits you set yourself?

What I did realize that week-end is that, I am an infinite being condensed to a human body, that is too limited in it’s ability to dream big enough. I realized that as the infinite being that I am this human body is too slow in what it can co-create, and therefore I have to give grace to time, so that more of what I want can manifest. I need to allow my infinite self to expand and allow the co-creation.

What do you think you can co-create, if you drop all limiting beliefs?

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