“Morning feed” – photo selected for exhibition


I entered the image above in the “Minimalism” challange on Gurushots. It received 884 votes from members of the site.

Overall I ranked 1145 out of almost 34000 participants in the challange. As a result I received the exiting email to say that it will be exhibited digitally in Milan.

“Hi Gabriella,
Congratulations! Your Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased in the “Minimalism” exhibition at MIA Photo Fair taking place at Piazza Lina Bo Bardi – Milan, Italy from 22-25 March 2019. “
This challenge was about conveying minimalism keeping the focus on minimum components possible while creating the Drama (the tension) within the frame.

My image is that of a bird taking flight after having eaten a sun flower seed. I took this image this winter from the kitchen window; as I watched the birds cracking open the seeds put out for them by my dad. The backdrop is snow; the image has not been digitally manipulated – it is as it was photographed; which adds to the drama of the image.


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