Outdoor pursuits and safety

So, everyone is indoors looking forward to a time when once again we can re-start our life and freely move about.

I am sure just like me you want to get back to your normal pursuit of life. Most countries may also want you to wear something protective but not a medical facemask. So…what is the next best thing? Perhaps a mask with a design on it; that will cheer you up or maybe make others smile as you pass them.

I have decided to create some of my images on Redbubble as facemasks (yes they have the designs available). These masks are obviously not suitable in a medical environment nor are they devices that will filter our micro organisms.

These masks  create a barrier between yourself and another person so if you feel like having a more upbeat design please visit my Redbubble shop.

Below are just a few examples of those available. Even if you do not buy anything; please visit the site and like the page; this also helps promote a local photographer/artist. Every click indeed helps. Thank you for your appreciation.

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