Photography portfolios

As a photographer I am always trying to promote my art. And as we all know everyone is a photographer nowadays.

How do you then get exposure? Well …you have your photography contests; locally or globally or you join websites which give you an opportunity for global exposure but people also vote for you and if lucky you may enter a competition and maybe you will get published.

I have been active on Gurushots as of late; and here are some of the rankings i got there:

Guru Shots – powerful shots competition – the picture below had the most votes

black and white feeding.jpg

Gurushots- interpret the quote – the image below receive many votes5897238772_2d586a6740_o.jpg

Gurushots – the little thing challange got me 448 votes for the image below

DSC_0014 (2).JPG

And of course if you do visit any of the links above you can see all the pictures i submitted for voting. Sign up yourself; you never know; you may just get noticed.

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