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The face to face encounter with my visitors was enlightening and engaging. Many were mesmerized by the amount of detail in the work, others were just passers by. Each artist at Parallax had a story to tell, and with so many stories around it is no wonder that detail became overwhelming.

One thing to realize is that no matter how amazing your art work is, the viewer will determine whether in their eyes is worth it.

The event itself was a new experience. It allowed me to recognize what makes my pieces so unique. Without telling the stories of my pieces I would never have realized that each item is a fractal of the world itself. Each pendant had a message to the audience, if only they were ready to hear it.

I am not sure when my wire wrapped pendants will go out for a walk again, until then I am not to be found on the high-street. Each twist of the wire, each stone in its setting has a meaning, each pendant continues to look for a forever home.

To those who stopped to chat to me, Thank you!

To those who passed, Sorry we were not on the same frequency!

To those who bought one of my items, I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making them!

Ps: Parallax was not only an art fair for some of us. The area that I was in became a booth for very powerful channeled messages.

A student of anthropology stepped to my stall – and we conversed about the more ethereal aspects of artistry, the pendants became a story teller to this young man, exploring some of the stories from a more philosophical angle. In truth he wanted to speak to my neighbor about her photography, and instead he received some insight about himself or his journey, from a higher source.

A young man of 13 was enticed about my live wrapping and was reminded how important it is to be creative. He was able to recognize how he doodles on himself but this could also be a way of him maintaining his connection with source. His encounter with me was all about him realizing that art is a form of expression and he should continue his craft, his doodles have a reason for being.

My neighbors all received a message from their guides, providing them insight into the future, or just reminding them the power they hold within. Thus their presence at the became a tool to further develop their own awareness of self.

I thought that taking part in an art fair will be just about my jewelry, instead I became a channel for information for those who needed guidance in their lives. Through choosing a specific pendant that most spoke to them, they could tap into the unseen world of guides.

Two young women who chose a lapis lazuli pendant and a labradorite pendant, recognized how one perhaps speaks too much and has no filter, whilst the other realized she needed more protection of her auric field. This information came through just by choosing a particular piece.

A few months back I was told by one of my friends from the spiritual circles that my art contains codes, at the time I did not know what she meant. After this event I am certain that each piece has it’s own language, and it will only go to the right person. If one of my wire wrapped pendants does speak to you, know that it has a message contained within, that was specifically chosen for you, and nobody else in the world would have fallen in love with your piece as much as you did. Your subconscious knows why you chose to buy my art. Aho!


My name is Gabriella and I have an interest in a variety of art forms. I use photography both in my day job and as a form of artistic expression. I have started using photography as a means to also promote my jewellery business as well. In the past 2 and a half years; my images have been exhibited in digital exhibitions across the globe. This website is a dual site promoting my images as well as my hand made artisan jewellery. In terms of jewellery making I use the art of wire wrapping and crocheting. My pieces are unique and limited edition; especially the wire wrapping. My jelweery pieces have also travelled the globe; finding forever homes in Australia; USA and UK.