The nervous system is nervous

Today’s entry is not really so much about self development as it is me sharing a funny story from the day job. The topic in itself was not a funny one, but ended tickling my funny bone because of the drawings that came out of the session.

I worked with two clients who needed to understand some things about their nervous system and how their reactions to the world may well be on auto pilot rather than as a result of rational thought.

The person on the right is on anti depressants and we were talking about the fact that their mood initially improved but now their mood is back to where it was, so our conversation was about how the medication works, but also how the nervous system works in simple terms. By the end of the conversation I noticed that a creature emerged that smiled, the client wanted to feel happier, therefore the final note was how if they change their perspective and get into therapy (I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist) perhaps the medication and therapy combined may help them feel happier. I only noticed the creature when the session was over, but it was smiling back at the client.

The creature on the left came out of a conversation with the client, where they wanted to improve their relationship with food. So our conversation created a character with a monocle so that the client can see better where the blockages are.

Two session, two individuals, same topic, different outcome.

There are times when we do not set out to be artists, and perhaps the topic may be tough to discuss, but there is no reason why it can not create art and create clarity for the other.

When did you have unexpected outcomes of a situation? Did that unexpected outcome make your day? Were you able to see the beauty in what you have created? Were you able to see the funny side of a potentially less than agreeable situation?

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