The path of the I am

I created this painting as an acrylic on canvas a few months ago, but I felt that it needs to be seen wider, and make it available network wide, for it has information and vibration that needs to be passed on.

It represents some of the pieces to the puzzle called Egypt event from February 2022 (and if you read my blogs regularly you will know what I am talking about). The character you see is the entity Matias was channeling when we visited Saqqara as the “water group”, and the cube is the pieces of information that needed to be condensed in one singularity so that the “water group” can upload it to the network via the pyramid and during the main event. The rest of the symbolism is the tree of life, the Nile, our visits to the Pyramid but also the covenant we made 12 thousand years ago to join once more outside the Sphinx, and yet also represented our standing outside the Lion greeting the sunrise. Enjoy!

It is available to buy in my Redbubble store, if it resonates.

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