Metatron unisex hoodies

When I travelled to Egypt in 2022, we visited the step pyramid in Saqqara, whilst in the pyramid we completed a meditation. We had the task of compressing the information that 144 people held following our tour of the temples. During the meditation the entity of Metatron revealed itself in a vision, as the guide for the meditation. A few month’s later I was able to create a painted rendition of that entity. Today, I decided to launch a series of products featuring him.

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The lush green of the Azores

As I look through the collection of images I captured, this reminds me of the beauty of the Island of St. Miguel. And now through the vehicle of internet you can bring some of it into your Livingroom.

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St.Miguel Island -Azores

In July 2023 I joined a group of fabulous women, as part of the “Awakening of the guardians” retreat. The trip was to the Island of St. Miguel – Azores.

Some of the images from that trip are now making their way to my Redbubble store.

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Emancipate yourself

Mr. Baxter – Chief officer of sending good news from Redbubble informed me that my phto was sold as a print.

I took this picture a couple of years ago in a tunnel as I went for my “allowed daily exercise”, when the world came to a holt out of sheer terror, and because you know some peope with too much power said so.

Anywhoo…as a graffiti peace it stood out amid the siblings of others. It needed to be captured, for it said something about the psyche of those times. It was like a shout out to the world, that we needed to wake up and start living again. I do not know who added this art piece on the wall, and sadly it is no more. The tunnel got taken over by the insignificant tags of those who want to be….

Today this image sold as a print and is traveling to the US.

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The path of the I am

I created this painting as an acrylic on canvas a few months ago, but I felt that it needs to be seen wider, and make it available network wide, for it has information and vibration that needs to be passed on.

It represents some of the pieces to the puzzle called Egypt event from February 2022 (and if you read my blogs regularly you will know what I am talking about). The character you see is the entity Matias was channeling when we visited Saqqara as the “water group”, and the cube is the pieces of information that needed to be condensed in one singularity so that the “water group” can upload it to the network via the pyramid and during the main event. The rest of the symbolism is the tree of life, the Nile, our visits to the Pyramid but also the covenant we made 12 thousand years ago to join once more outside the Sphinx, and yet also represented our standing outside the Lion greeting the sunrise. Enjoy!

It is available to buy in my Redbubble store, if it resonates.

The leaning tower

I recently travelled to Pisa, Italy and as all travellers I also immortalised this wonder of architecture in an image. Whilst everyone had fun trying to hold it up, I chose to take a very classic picture of the tower at night.

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Unfinished – acrylic on card

I started this painting in 2021 as I was exploring the inner working of my soul. After my trip to Egypt I decided to complete the painting, and it birthed it with the title of “Unfinished”.

The painting represents the ever changing universe around us, coming into form using a variety of geometries. It folds and unfolds in various shapes and sizes in the hopes to experience as many aspects of the self as possible.

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House in the mountain -painting

Last year, I found myself expressing myself through paint. I do not ordinarily use a brush to explore my creative side, but last year I took the acrylics and made some images manifest. This image of a house near the water is one of those manifestations.

The image was created only using the combination of primary colors – red, yellow and blue. White lit up some of the colors in parts, to create a more realistic toning of the image.

Acrylic on art board – 30 cm X 25 cm

I decided to put it up for sale, perhaps someone will fall in love with it.

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Philae – the temple of Isis -temple of the mother

The temple of Philae was the first temple we visited on my trip to Egypt, when I joined 144 other beautiful souls on a path along the Nile.

We made it over to the island at a very tender time of 4 am when Venus was shining brightly above our heads and Mars was following closely. And yes, 4 am in Egypt is cold and dark, and yet we all got up, and all joined for our first task under the watchful eye of the temple walls and the stars above.

This trip was part of our journey along the Nile with Matias de Stefano, and was part of the YoSoy path, which culminated with an even outside the Great Pyramid in Giza, and we worked towards the activation of a new planetary consciousness.

I recorded the following after our visit at the Temple of Isis.


Today we visited the temple of Isis, the temple of the mother. It is the 12 of February and we are still docked in Aswan.

The wake up was at 3 am, and yet by 2:55 I was awake.

The whole day started in a very Egyptian way with tea. We all gathered in the lobby for our journey to Philae traveling on the Rose buses. 

150 strong group all filed out of the bus and then moved on to the boat, which took us to the island, all the while we were under the watchful eye of Venus, shining so bright so as to be mistaken for a light. Mars was ever so slightly behind, glowing red and almost warning us of the way ahead. 

The day started with a short explanation of the star system, which would be our guide for the first alignment, a calibration of sorts. 12 groups of 12 arranged in the shape of the Metatron cube, representing all the constellations of the zodiac.

My group represented Libra. And before we even set off on this voyage of inner discovery and discovery of the world , conflict arose.  Our group is full of females with one guy representing the male energy in the circle. It is as if this male now has 11 wives helping him along on his path.

We first connected in the circle holding hands, one facing up to receive and one facing down to discharge the information. 

The group then connected with its own internal energy starting from the chakra below the feet and moving the earth energy up through the body all the way up to the above the head chakra. The circle stayed intact this time, though part of the group still vocalized out of harmony with the rest of them. Today the lady with the unruly kundalini appeared to be less active, the energy did not surge, it did not distract like it did the other day. She managed to harmonize with the group. We all became the energy of the place, always holding the heart of the dragon at the core of our circle.

After the short connection we moved to the open courtyard of the temple where all of us formed a massive circle.  The connection was re-created through holding of hands whilst Matias went into the chamber to connect with Mother Isis. When Matias came out of the home a cat preceded him, staying fixed on the temple steps, as if being a guardian of the place and of the soul of who will be joining us soon. As the group chanted rhythmically the cat wondered in the middle of the circle walking from one side to the next watching the group, then settled in the middle and watched up, expecting for Matias to make his next move. He walked to one corner, where he, I guess appeared to honor the pillar, he then walked to what appeared to be the center, where he touched the floor and played with the sand, both gestures imitating that of a cat. 

The instruction came that we have nothing else to do now but feel, and feel I have, as Matias chanted, the usual connection started to be created. A light orb from the right, which then became larger. The orb of white that usually is a sign of my connection became my guide. The light in the right became brighter and brighter, Mati touched my shoulders as the energy was building, and before we went into the womb of the mother the light from the side became an orb. The orb enveloped me as if protecting me.

 Today when I was holding hands in the big circle, I felt the energy of the person next to me in my elbow. 

Matias touched both my shoulders firmly with not much resistance, as if reassuring me for what it will come. This gesture in fact was something he went around and did to everyone, a touch of the heart as if connecting us all to each other.

A short time after, the uncontrollable urge to cry came over me. I worked hard at not bursting out in a very vocal cry, but I felt how my very soul was being ripped from within and such soul pain, as I have not had for a very long time. The tears just started flowing and flowing with little control from me. 

Crying in public this way, reminded me of the shame I carry of not showing my emotions to anyone, and yet. Today, I could not help but shed the tears of the Mother. Shed the tears that all mothers have, of something that used to be but it is no more. As we continued with the chanting various images came to mind. I saw pyramids, I saw women in white, I saw women as if the same hair as Cleopatra. I saw a woman dressed in black walking up the steps and sitting down in a regal manner on a throne as if she was sitting in front of her subjects . 

We walked in the chamber of the Mother and Mati channeled the voice of the mother, who explained that we are no longer children, we are no longer her sons and daughters, but we are adults, adults ready to go into the world, we are complete. This too shed tears for me, for it is a question I always had, what makes me feel like a child within, what makes me not grow up and feel like I am in the need of protection. 

I saw pictures of the crocodile, I saw the female Isis and Osiris. The images flew past. 

The females in white filed out and then the energy of the Mother was gone, and with this the task was over.

Today the message I heard was  “you are complete, the way you are”.

If you wish to hear from Matias himself, how it felt being with Isis on that morning, a member of my group did a video with the feedback after the visit. Feedback session – click here

The pyramid of Kem

This is a picture of the pyramid in Cairo. It is the pyramid of Khafre, the one that still has part of the limestone cladding.

I took this picture early in the morning, when the haze of the morning still enveloped the whole site.

In my mind’s eye, the pyramids should be always reflecting the sun back surrounded by an oasis of trees.

You can find this image as a print and as apparel available in my Redbubble store.

Pyramids at Sunset

I went on a trip to Egypt in February 2022 to take part in the Yo Soy event; this is one of the images I captured when we attended the concert outside the Sphynx. The sun was setting above one of the smaller pyramids, whilst the Great pyramid stood stoic waiting for the night to come.

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Portrait of a cow

If you really love cows, or just a good black and white portrait of a cow, well, you can buy a print via my Redbubble shop here.

I took this picture during one of my cycle rides in the country. If you have a creature looking at you like this, it is impossible to resist photographing it.

Order from chaos

A new design available in my Redbubble shop. This is a hand drawn image that has been digitized to create the full pattern. The central motif is the flower of life. We are all fractals of reality and from chaos unity is born.

Red kited

This red kite, is flying to Germany via my Redbubble shop. Someone has loved my images so much that they wanted to own it a phone case. This and many more images can be found as prints, framed images or apparel on Redbubble.

“Watching you”

“Watching you”

I took part in the ‘B&W Photographer Of The Year’ challenge on Gurushots in February 2021. The beautiful tiger in the image received enough votes to be selected and be exhibited, digitally live at the world-renowned, and highly respected Coningsby Gallery, located in London’s historical West End district.

20718 people entered the competition, 82872 pictures entered and my tiger got enough votes to be 264th in the competition. Overall I ranked 466th in total. This is the 2nd time one of my images is showcased in London, my previous exhibited image was in summer of 2020.

The exhibition will take place between 21-22 May 2021. Click here for the event page

Smoking wings …

A few weeks back I created this composite image. At the time I was meditating on the duality in the world between light and dark; and was contemplating which will win in this world of chaos.

This is an abstract view of those thoughts of the fight between light and dark and the duality within. If this image resonates head to my Redbubble shop and purchase a copy

Budda statue

Took this picture of a Budda statues during one of the countryside walks in one of the natural heritage sites in the UK. During the 1800 I guess having a statue on your land was seen as exotic as part of your “oriental garden”. Today the symbolism is different.

The original picture is in colour and a woodland background. The main subject was isolated and changed to black and white. If you wish to own a copy you can do so from my Redbubble shop

Below are some of the formats available.

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