Tiger longwing

Visiting a butterfly house is always an interesting experience. Least of all because it allows for the photography of some of the less still creatures of the animal kingdom. Butterflies are always air-born when out in nature; as they are looking for that sweet nectar to feed on. This beautiful tiger longwing – was photographed at the ZSL London Zoo butterfly house.


If you love butterflies you can buy items with this photo printed on them via my Redbubble page: Tiger longwing


Word of advice to any adult or parent visiting such environments with their little ones.- i.e. butterfly exhibits. If you have a phobia of anything small flying about – please don’t visit! Hearing you scream and shout and try to dodge you; whilst you are frantically flap about because of creatures flying about you- spoils it for those who truly enjoy watching these majestic creatures fly.

And parents – small children and especially babies; may get frightened by butterflies coming close to their faces – do not cause them a phobia from a very young age – if you wish to visit the exhibits yourselves – leave littland outside with another trusted adult; or just come back on your own.

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