The perfect gift

Now that we all managed to get through the winter holidays; Christmas is over; new year’s is over; we have all set our goals and wishes for 2017. and no doubt many of us have broken those “new year’s even resolutions” – its time for a new adventure for the commercial enterprises.

You guest it; valentine’s day is coming – and yes I know; those in a relationship will be frantically trying to work out what to get their partners for this one day to show how much they care.

I personally do not believe in the “one day love affair” – if you care about somebody it should be shows every day – and not just using the “i love you ” words – which lets face it, kind of lots its meaning. We brandish those words every day and we forget the true meaning of it.

A piece of jewellery can be an ideal gift for that special someone. Hand made objects give that personal touch to any gift. Buying from your local artisans is the best way to show you care. Yes – the advertisement says “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – well I would say a unique item can become a girl’s dream, it shows her how unique you feel she is.

When she walks down the road and her friends ask her where she got that piece of jewellery she ca proudly say – “my man got me this, and it is handmade and one of  a kind”.


Amethyst flower
Wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli in silver plated copper wire
The web of life – Wire wrapped round pendant
New beginnings -silver plated copper wire pendant
Swarovski cystal wire wrapped pendant
silver plated copper wire pendant

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