Thoughts for 2018

2018; a new year; new challanges.

I can’t believe it is already March; where have the weeks gone?!

You haven’t heard from me for a while on this site; that does not mean that I have been inactive.

I ahve managed to capture some beautiful shots on the Southern coast of the Mediterranean. Some of my photographs (such as the one below) I took in my travels will be turned into physical prints via Redbubble.


And I have been busy creating new pieces of jewelery.

My Esty shop has oaver 60 pieces of jewlery listed; with new items added every day – there are wonderful hand made pendants and earrings for every budget.

Do go and check out my shop on: 

With the help of a very talented digital artist; we created my first business card; and thank you card – it is official!

My hope for this new year is to increase my jewelery sales be that over the online shop or through physical presence at local fairs; so do look out for new entries from time to time.

I hope also that spring decides to show it’s face….as it seems snow is insistant of sticking around. So…here’s to a successful 2018 everyone!!!

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