Weekend thoughts

The weekend is the time when I have time to create or indeed look after my online Esty shop.

It is a time when I can sit down; forget about the day job and do what I like best – using my imagination. Using my hands to make jewelry pieces; and use my camera to then publish my work.

My Etsy shop is called Artistic Ambivalence – I called it such because i find it very difficult to just do one type of creative art. I like photography – as you saw with some of my images; but I also like to keep my hands active and mold something old into something new.

I guess this is not so different from my day job – though there I mold personalities and emotions into something more accomplished; then using a physical method.

I have opened my Esty shop in 2012 on a whim. I intended on selling my images there – but then I forgot about it and never uploaded anything.

Last year however I started creating wire wrapped jewelry pieces and felt that they should be made available to the world to see and buy should they wish to. Of course as with all arts there are lots of fish and not enough fisherman – but one can only hope that someone may fall in love with a piece and they may buy it.

In my photography I was more fortunate as my images have been online for much longer and occasionally I had people buy my images on RedbubbleImagekind or Artflakes. I have also been asked for my images to be used in online catalogs.

I am just one of your many “local artists” out there on the web. And yes I am your local artist; because regardless where you are in the world; I am local purely because I can reach you – I am part of the global village we are all living in.

Many will want you to fail – the few will encourage you to succeed

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