Wisdom from the underpass

Today’s blog post on Patreon feeds from the wisdom on the street. A local graffiti artist is challenging the passers by to contemplate their very thoughts. Check out the entry on my page.

Wisdom can be found in many ways in our lives. The information comes to us from all sources. We may be asking ourselves a question and the answer reveals itself in an unusual way. We live in a written environment, everything we see, everything we observe in the world around us, conveys a meaning to our brain. We decode and encode information every day, we draw from our own universe and that of others, and along the way we make meaning from the least meaningless of sources. I invite you, my reader to join me on this journey of discover, as we decode messages in images, we ask ourselves those meaningful questions; the ones that lead to the discovery of the true self, the hidden treasure that is you.

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