Curves and style

Sometimes it takes a few tries for something intricate to be created. The three pieces that i present to you are the latest in my endeavor to perfect my craft. Some would say they are in line with the “steampunk” fashion trend.

The curves in the wires gives it them a more sophisticated appearance. Gone are the straight lines with simple wiring; and in come the intricate; the curvy, the complicated strands. Two of the pieces contain 3 beads each – one with two clear Swarovski Crystals and a blue glass bead; one with three blue Swarovski crystals; and one with a turquoise stone at the core.

The pendant below is made using silver plated wire intertwined with red copper wire.

Clear and blue Swarovski crystal pendant


The pendant below is using silver plated wire on its own to create the full design.

Blue Swarovski crystal pendant


Similarly the pendant below uses silver plated wire to accomplish the intricate weaving.


The beauty of the pieces are given by the off centered balance of the design. It almost feels out of kilter at first glance; though the perfectly balance when on the chain.

These items are readily available to buy via my Etsy Shop

I just wanted to share these amazing pendants with you all.

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