Digital monatisation and income

As we all have an ever growing digital footprint. So is technology changing the way art and creative products are sold. Some of us dable in both the physical object world i.e.making stuff by hand, whilst some of us use the virtual world to try and earn a living.

How can we bring in the cash as local artists when everyone is a photographer with their camera, or can just recreate our designs by learning it on youtube.

How do artists manage to make enough money to live off their craft, their creativity, their art?

I too am now part of that ambiguous wide world of digital content, and trying to earn a living by relying on the http and www.

If you do read these blog entries or any blog entries which feature the thoughts or the pieces of a local artist, I encourage you to share their craft.

Be our publicist. Be our spokes person. Speak up for local small businesses and encourage your local artist.

Yes we can all be creative, yes we could all do with a bit more brightness in our lives. Lets make it that much brighter by rooting for the little guy, for the insignificant, for that one person who tried. Lets support each other in our growth, be an inspiration today!

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