Heady style – multistoned pendant – SOLD

october 2017-049.jpg

Some of you may have never heard of the “Heady” style pendants; let alone wire wrapped multi stone pendants. This piece has a center stone in purple; and it is a recycled amethyst gem stone. The wrapping also combines pink jade; snow flake obsidian turquoise and coral beads.

The heady style is characterised by multi layered / multi stoned wrap which creates an intricate design; it is often imposed on top of a fixed frame; and is a style of wrapping mostly known in the USA.

This piece was listed on my Etsy shop; and is now sold out; it went to a loving home in the UK.

Heady wrapping is difficult to recreate but it lends itself to amazieng pieces of wire art; wich this is a beatiful example of.  The wire is actually tarnish resistant silve plated copper wire; which confers the piece a solid and durable setting.

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