Sometimes when our own views of the world are warped we need an anchor to help us get unstuck, ironic, right? My latest Patreon blog entry is ready – join me in the exploration of the self and finding your inner strength. Click here

Today marks day 265 since I started writing the daily blogs on Patreon. On January of 2021 I made a commitment to use one image a day and write an entry inspired by that image to help us explore the inner and the outer world. As of today, we are counting down the remainder of the 100 days of the one year long daily project. If you find the blog entries inspirational why not become a Patron.

For the duration of the 365 days the entries are free to read and will remain free to read by everyone visiting the page for as long as I maintain the page on Patreon.

Do join in with the discussion, or perhaps comment or share the entries if you think someone will benefit from reading it.

Thank you for your journey with me on this amazing spaceship called Earth. You are where you are meant to be, you matter, you are loved.

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