Metatron unisex hoodies

When I travelled to Egypt in 2022, we visited the step pyramid in Saqqara, whilst in the pyramid we completed a meditation. We had the task of compressing the information that 144 people held following our tour of the temples. During the meditation the entity of Metatron revealed itself in a vision, as the guide for the meditation. A few month’s later I was able to create a painted rendition of that entity. Today, I decided to launch a series of products featuring him.

First, we have a hoodie, super cozy, super fluffy and available in my Etsy shop.

The lush green of the Azores

As I look through the collection of images I captured, this reminds me of the beauty of the Island of St. Miguel. And now through the vehicle of internet you can bring some of it into your Livingroom.

Visit my Redbubble store, to secure one of these beautiful items for yourself, or as a present to a loved one, maybe even consider it for your office, the possibilities are endless.

St.Miguel Island -Azores

In July 2023 I joined a group of fabulous women, as part of the “Awakening of the guardians” retreat. The trip was to the Island of St. Miguel – Azores.

Some of the images from that trip are now making their way to my Redbubble store.

This series of images are available in a variety of products. Just follow the link and delight in the plethora of gifts and ideas for your own home.

What’s new?!

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Smokey quartz -SOLD

This unique smokey quartz wire wrapped pendant has started it’s journey to the new forever home in the UK.

It was available in my Etsy store for a few months, and it has now found a place to continue it’s work.

Sacred geometry pendants

All these handmade pendants are now available in my Folksy store.

They were inspired by my trip to Egypt and in some way represent some of the thoughts, impressions experiences in a geometrical form.

I used a pyrography pen to create the designs on wooden blanks.

Some of the designs are available more than once, but some will be one of a kind pieces.


Unfinished – acrylic on card

I started this painting in 2021 as I was exploring the inner working of my soul. After my trip to Egypt I decided to complete the painting, and it birthed it with the title of “Unfinished”.

The painting represents the ever changing universe around us, coming into form using a variety of geometries. It folds and unfolds in various shapes and sizes in the hopes to experience as many aspects of the self as possible.

I listed the original painting in my Folksy store – to buy it click here.

To buy prints of the painting, head to my Rebubble page – Click here

House in the mountain -painting

Last year, I found myself expressing myself through paint. I do not ordinarily use a brush to explore my creative side, but last year I took the acrylics and made some images manifest. This image of a house near the water is one of those manifestations.

The image was created only using the combination of primary colors – red, yellow and blue. White lit up some of the colors in parts, to create a more realistic toning of the image.

Acrylic on art board – 30 cm X 25 cm

I decided to put it up for sale, perhaps someone will fall in love with it.

To buy the original click the link

To buy a print of the painting click here

Pyrography afternoon

Have you ever tried pyrography? I guess many have not.

This Saturday I picked up my “pen” and started etching.

Pyrography is basically using a heated metal nib to etch designs into wood.

Last year, I picked up a bunch of wooden blanks in the craft shop, thinking that I could create some “pucks” with designs on them to include them as presents with my other pendants.

This week however I reconsidered that idea and instead I decided to turn them into pendants.

Each wooden pendant is double sided, and have geometric patterns on them. The intention was to use geometry to create beauty, just like in nature. Some patterns repeat themselves, as I believe more people may need these codes in their lives, some will stay as unique pendants.

The collection is available in my Folksy store.

Join me as we create a beautiful world, one geometry at the time.

The pyramid of Kem

This is a picture of the pyramid in Cairo. It is the pyramid of Khafre, the one that still has part of the limestone cladding.

I took this picture early in the morning, when the haze of the morning still enveloped the whole site.

In my mind’s eye, the pyramids should be always reflecting the sun back surrounded by an oasis of trees.

You can find this image as a print and as apparel available in my Redbubble store.

Sterling silver rings

My sterling silver rings, have now made it to my online Folksy shop, with a few days to spare before Christmas.

There are 4 to be had, in different sizes and textures. The rings are minimalist in design, with an asymmetrical look.

Check out the listing here.

Silver lapis lazuli pendant

This unique lapis lazuli pendant is now available in my Folksy shop – click and shop.

The wire weave was created using sterling silver, the whole pendant is 12g , with the silver wire weighing 7.6g, the rest of the weight being added by the stone. The pendant comes with a silver plated chain included and can be shipped to UK, USA or Europe.

And if you join me for the Online Folksy Christmas market from the 27-28 November 2021, you can benefit from 10% off across my shop.

Folksy Christmas market


This year I will be joining many British artists as part of the Folksy local Christmas market 27-28 November 2021.

My FOLKSY shop will be taking part in the market.

Will provide free delivery to the UK,

If you are a buyer from the US or the EU please message me so that I can provide you with a quote for the shipping costs, buyers from the US and EU are responsible for the additional costs for any import, VAT or local taxes at point of arrival.

Part of my presence in the market I will be doing two live craft demonstrations via Instagram Live

Dates of the event 27th of November 2021 and one on the 28th November 2021.

Check out all the stall holders

Discounts across my virtual jewellery shops

All these beautiful jewellery pieces and more are all eligible for discounts across my two virtual shops.

On Etsy if you cart is over £30 you get 10% off.

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Check out the online collection, each one of my stores carries a different style of jewellery, both stores ship UK wide, US wide and on request even to Europe. I am not responsible for the cost of shipping or cost of any custom fees.

And hey, if you are not into jewellery but you like my style, give it a like. A like never hurt anyone, right?!

Passer by

Today I post my entry from Patreon here as well. The picture you can find on the link of course. But given the topic I felt it is befitting to post it here too.

When I was trialling out my new lens, I wanted to flex my speed photography and what better way to do it then by trying to photograph someone on a motorcycle. Well, I do not live in a town with many Harley’s so a moped had to make do.

As I was looking at this picture I was contemplating how many human beings just watch as life passes them by. Sometimes when I see someone who is either with a bottle in their hands at 8am or a person who may have been using some hard drugs all their life; I just wonder what pain they are trying to hide. I am also contemplating how lonely that life choice can be, when perhaps as individuals are passed by on the streets by so many. I also wonder how the guy selling “the big issue” is like the guy on the moped still in their own life frame, but the world appears to wizz passed them as if on hyper speed. Those moments I wonder when will they get a chance to be able to take a rest from their inner turmoil and be able to breath easy, instead of watching how nights turn into days turning into nights. And of course their cycle may never stop until someone gives them that helping hand to find themselves again.

Last winter when everyone was huddling in their home due to the government mandate to “protect”, the guy selling the “big issue” ( a newspaper sold by homeless individuals in the UK to raise funds for their over night accommodations) was in his normal spot by the shops trying to sell his paper. He was the only seller on the street, when all the shops closed their doors and told their workers to stay home. This guy was out there still trying to make money to afford to live. In that period we were told as “normal folk” to stay indoors and go out only for essential stuff or for sports, and yet he was out there in the hopes that the passers bye would give him the price for his paper. As I approached him with my mask on and warm coat, he smiled and entered into conversation with me. He explained how in the times when nobody carried any change in order to buy the paper he was struggling to make ends meet. He did say that he had no choice but to come out and try and sell papers; but of course even the printing of the paper stopped as it was coming in from London; and they too were told to stay home. For this guy life was passing by at million miles an hour; whilst he was trying his best to survive. Before Christmas I saw his still in the same spot, still smiling kindly to everyone hurrying past him doing the Christmas shopping; I dropped off a small gift with him. He smiled and thank me. Of course today he is still making his sales; but in a more open world where once again his fellow humans were allowed out of their gilded cages, with the only care in the world for freedom and being allowed to socialise again. For this homeless guy it meant he had a steady income again; and he did not need to pretend he has a paper but be able to sell a new edition of big issue. For him life stood still for almost a year on and off; when he was not sure if he would make the next meal, for the rest of humanity on a steady income the year was just an inconvenience because they could not holiday.

I wonder whose life is passing by without purpose, following this story? I wonder how many individuals on this planet were frustrated just because they could not go for a pint, whilst other human beings were trying to live their best life? I wonder how many human beings created meaning in their lives during the shut down? I wonder if they were just passengers on the train, or they have stood up to make a difference for their own world?

When I sat down to write my entry today, I was not sure what I wanted to say. I had a title, and a picture, I did not know how the story will unfold. I wonder if you will sit down at the typewriter of your life and start writing a new entry, starting with a picture and a title….

Feel free to join the discussions via Patreon.

In the shadow

Sometimes hanging back and just chillin’ is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes the self just needs a gentle recharge.

Have you taken a well-deserved break? Did you procrastinate a little? Did you take that nap you wanted? Did you binge watch a series?

Have you actually gone back to being a hamster on a treadmill?

Take a load off, sit in the shade, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

Click here for the picture

Wire wrapping

Hello all. When I started this website it was dedicated both to my photography and my jewellery making but I feel like I have been neglecting the jewellery side somewhat. At the week-end I have done a bit of film editing of my Instagram live videos, I condensed down what would be 4 hours of video to a fast 10 minute and 4 minute videos.

This is a moss agate wire wrapped in silver wire – this of course is available in my Etsy shop, I say of course, but you probably have not seen it yet. The whole process did take about 4 hours to create it from start to finish; I uploaded the condensed video of just over 10 minutes here. I created this piece live on Instagram, so I re-used the footage to showcase my process.

This pendant was also created during an Instagram live event, once again the whole process took just over 3 hours, the footage I condensed the live footage to just over 4 minutes, and you can see it here. This piece can be purchased in my British online shop on Folksy.

These pendants and many more are available in my two shops, I do ship internationally, and if your budget may be tight, get in touch, give me a shout, let’s see what we can do via my shops. Of course a like will never go amiss either.

Thank you for taking the time to watch, visit or read this blog.

Catch you on the interwebs team.

Amethyst tree of life -SOLD

Symbolism in one pendant. The tree of life that has been part of history across milenia.

Silver filled copper and amethyst pendant.

Similar available in my Etsy shop.

This beauty is travelling to a forever home in Portugal. If you do want a similar item, please visit my shop or get in touch and we can agree T&C

Pop-up virtual market

Just a quick shout out to everyone – from the 17th to the 18th April 2021 my Etsy shop is part of a virtual market organised by The Pop Up Emporium a British platform who promotes markets for British artists.

Over 90 jewelry pieces are available to travel to forever homes globally. And if you live in the UK and shop during the time of the market anything over £25 at checkout gets free domestic delivery. Click here cupon included in the link.

As part of the market I am also doing a live craft demonstration from 1 pm UK time, and will be live on my Instagram for at least 3 hours :) Takes about that long to create a wire wrapped pendant.

If you wish to find out about the art of wire wrapping, do read this blog entry to find out what wire wrapping means to me.

Thanks for visiting.

Glass heart pendant

A simple and elegant glass pendant wire wrapped in tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.

It is now available to go to a forever home. Visit my Etsy store if you want to become it’s forever host.

Direct link to the listing – click here

Order from chaos

A new design available in my Redbubble shop. This is a hand drawn image that has been digitized to create the full pattern. The central motif is the flower of life. We are all fractals of reality and from chaos unity is born.

Chunky amethyst pendant

An absolutely stunning amethyst stone, wire wrapped in tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire. The size of the stone allowed for a much more complicated design, that reminds me of rococco style pieces.

This is a chunky pendant that looks beautifully on a long chain, and for your convenience a silver plated chain will be included. It would look amazing with a beautiful dress, and even with a V-neck t-shirt.

If you would like to own this one of a kind wearable art piece, click here.

And if you just want to brows and window shop, still click here.

Brecciated-jasper pendant

Last month I was showing of a triangular brecciated-jasper pendant, this month I listed my second piece with a distinctly different and yet similar stone. This brecciated-jasper stone has high levels of hematite veins all over, so the best silver filled setting was a very simple wire weave.

If you would like to own it, click here – to visit my Etsy listing, and of course if jasper is not your thing, have a look around I have a large collection of wearable art pieces available.

Thank you for your visit

Bracciated pendant

A unique and simple pendant in silver filled wire showcasing a beautiful tetrahedron shaped bracciated jasper stone. This time around I wanted the stone to showcase itself.

If you wish to own this unique piece, you can visit my Etsy shop by clicking here.

Fimo earrings

A unique set of earrings in fimo, hand created from start to finish. The patterning on the body of the earring was created through the layering of fimo cylinders side by side then rolled together by hand to create an intricate pattern in purple and red.

If you wish to own this, you can purchase it via Etsy by clicking here.